BEST HVAC Grant - Construction Updates

What is BEST?

Pursuant to 22-43.7-101 Thru 22-43.7-116 C.R.S., a program called Building Excellent Schools Today or BEST was established; to provide technical assistance to Districts and Schools across the state. The BEST legislation provides for capital projects including new schools, major renovations, additions and smaller projects. The program addresses health and safety issues by providing funds to rebuild, repair or replace the State's most dangerous and most needy K-12 facilities. The BEST plan calls for a statewide needs assessment, an expert-guided process for the selection of schools and projects for funding.

On June 28, 2020 the Cotopaxi School District was awarded $2.353 million for the BEST HVAC Grant with a 10% match from the District for the amount of $235,300. Construction for this project began Summer 2022 with a slated completion time of early Fall 2022.

Project Scope and Pricing

McKinstry - GMAX Pricing and Scope Review - Presentation

Construction Update #1 –July 1, 2022

Completion: Fall 2022

July 2022 (HVAC) Mon-Thurs 6:00am – 4:00pm:

  1. 3 RTUs Replacement

    1. RTU 1 (Elementary School) to be replaced 7/3

    2. RTU 2 (High School) to be replaced the week of 8/1

    3. RTU 3 (Gym) Sept/October 2022

  2. VAV Replacement (Variable Air Volume)

    1. Installation complete

    2. Control wires to be completed week of 7/11

  3. Unit Ventilator Maintenance

    1. Unit Ventilators have been reviewed and additional work required.

    2. Anticipate valve install the week of 7/25.

What you need to know:


Limited contractor parking in parking lot, no other parkingshouldbe affected. 

Drop Off/Pick Up

Be aware of any crane picks that might be taking place. Limited access to the building or areas around the building during crane picks. 


No anticipated disruptions

Bike and pedestrian access

No anticipated disruptions


None scheduled at this time.

Utility Disruption

Gym RTU replacement will not take place till early fall and heating will be impacted at that time. 


Outside: Minimal talking between contractors

Inside: Minimal talking between contractors in above affected areas.


No anticipated odors

Evacuation Routes

No changes

Daily routine/internal traffic patterns (lunch, recess, etc.)

During crane picks certain classrooms and hallways will need to be shut down. Onsite coordination will take place during that time.