Vacant School Board Seat  - District E

Please read the following letter from the Cotopaxi School District Board of Education: 

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Community Members:

We, the Cotopaxi School Board members, are looking to fill a vacant board member seat vacated by Joe Whipple in September 2021 in the Director District E area. Joe Whipple served for many years but has moved out of state. 

We are looking for all interested candidates to contact us by November 10th at:
Julie Lang - (719-942-4777)
Sherri Reid -
Stephanie Tunstall -; (719-942-4607); or
Mickey Kulick (Mickey is currently unavailable to receive your emails at this time)

We have advertised this vacant board seat in the Mountain Mail and on the Cotopaxi School website in our September and October Board Agendas, however, we wanted to try to reach a potentially larger group of qualified applicants for the vacant board seat by sending out this letter to our parents, grandparents and community members specifically in Director District E.

We are looking for someone who is interested and motivated to spend an average of 10 hours per month on Board issues, attend Board Meetings once a month, and wants to make a positive impact on our school, students, staff and community.

The position requires that you must be a resident of the Director District E, you must be a registered voter in Director District E for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the date of your appointment to the Board and you must not have been convicted of a sexual offense against a child.

Our School Board members implement laws passed by the state legislature and create local policies for the Cotopaxi School District. We are looking for qualified applicants who are interested in improving the lives of our students, staff, and teachers.

Please consider this letter as an open invitation for you to throw your hat into the ring to join us on the Cotopaxi School Board. Here is a link to the Colorado Association of School Board Members which outlines what you should expect if you are appointed by the Board to serve on the Cotopaxi School Board: We would be happy to meet with you to discuss more specific details about this vacant Cotopaxi School Board seat.

Thank you!
Stephanie, Julie, Sherri and Mickey

Director District E is defined as: 

Beginning at the point of the intersection of Boyd Road (CR 13X) and Road Gulch Road (CR 28), thence south along Boyd Road (CR 13X) to a point of intersection with CR 12X, thence southwesterly along CR 12X to a point of intersection with CR 10X, thence south to a point of intersection with Reed Road (CR 29), thence southwesterly along Reed Road (CR 29) to a point of intersection with the southern boundary of Fremont RE-3 District (Fremont/Custer County line), thence easterly along the Fremont/Custer County line to the furthermost southeast corner of Fremont RE-3 District (SE corner of S36, T47N, R72W), thence north along the eastern border of Fremont RE-3 District to the NE corner of Fremont RE-3 District (SE corner S34, T48N, R72W) thence westerly along the established boundary of Fremont RE-3 District to the eastern boundary of Director District D (S2, T48N, R72W), thence south along the eastern boundary of Director District D to the point of intersection with Road Gulch Road (CR 28),  thence wessterly along Road Gulch Road (CR 28) to the point of beginning.

A Master Chart is available in the school administration office for viewing by interested persons between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Thursday.