Security Incident Update - November 2, 2021

UPDATE 11/5/21: The Fremont County Sheriff's Department has all information and have taken appropriate action. We appreciate their involvement and they will continue to be a valuable member of our Emergency Response Plan. 

Please read the following letter from our Superintendent, Danielle Van Esselstine: 

Dear Parents, Community and Staff:

I am writing to provide you with an update about a security breach that occurred at school
yesterday, November 1st. 

To briefly explain, we had a former student sign in at the office and request to see a current  teacher. The former student made multiple stops before returning to the office. He left the school without incident at that time. This former student did return at the end of the school day and requested to speak with another current teacher. This teacher did have a conversation with the former student. After their meeting, the teacher informed me of the former student’s comments. Utilizing our established procedures, we worked closely with the Sheriff’s office late into the evening and again this morning to determine next steps. 

Know that our breach of safety procedures has been addressed with the front office and with the staff and teachers. The deputy has investigated this incident and has found that our alert was appropriate, however, there is not a current or imminent threat to our staff nor students. As the investigation and assessment continues today, we will be in constant communication with the deputy and provide any necessary updates to you. 

This incident has brought to light some needed improvements in terms of safety procedures, training and visitor requirements. In addition to having a full time SRO (Deputy Glen) starting as soon as her current case is finished, we will increase other safety measures, specific training
and make sure that current safety measures are strictly followed to ensure this incident is an isolated one and will not happen again. 

We are taking this incident very seriously and will continue to take immediate action to keep our
students and staff safe. Please feel free to discuss any questions or concerns about this incident to me at or 719-942-4131. Deputy Roquemore who is investigating this incident is also willing to address any of your concerns as well. 


Danielle Van Esselstine