Combined Routes - December 13, 2022

UPDATE 12/13/22:

Good Evening Cotopaxi, 

Due to a shortage of drivers, the #3 (Copper Gulch) and #4 (The Y and 1A) routes will be combined for the morning and afternoon for tomorrow, Tuesday, December 13th.The #4 Route will pick up as usual. The #3 Route will have two stops, the Y, which will pick up at approximately 7:00 AM, and L Path, which will pick up at approximately 7:15 AM. The bus will not pick up at any stops along CR 1A.

The afternoon route will follow the combined route drop-off stops and times.

If at all possible parents of students on these routes are requested to drop off and pick up their children to and from the school.

Routes will resume normal stops and times starting the morning of Wednesday, December 14th.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you and have a good evening.

Please note, bus routes for this afternoon will be consolidated, and drop-off times will be altered. Route #4 drop-off times should remain the same. Route #3 will follow the alternate route drop-off times. The Howard/Coaldale Routes will drop off slightly later than usual. Times are approximate. A more detailed timetable is posted below

If you have any questions, please contact Transportation Director Tammy Nuss at 719-942-4142. 

Route #3 and #4 

4:15 PM - CR 1A 

4:20 PM - Flying Eagle

4:32 PM - CR 28

4:36 PM - Boyd Rd

4:37 PM - Blazing Saddle

4:40 PM - The Y

4:45 PM - Fire Station 

4:48 PM - Shannon Rd

4:50 PM - CR 27A

4:56  PM - L Path 

5: 00 PM - Elkhorn

5: 04 PM - 17th Trl 

5:09 PM - Palmer Rd 

5: 20 PM - Texas Creek

Howard Coaldale

4:20 PM - Coaldale Community Center

4:30 PM - Howard Cafe

4:35 PM - Howard Fire Station