Kindergarten has been working hard on learning to write their letters the correct way. The students have also learned to write their first, middle and last names by memory. I am very proud of them!!
about 2 months ago, Kindergarten Class
Kindergarten working hard!!
Mrs. Gasseling's First Grade class has been working hard to improve their writing skills. This week they have created unique creatures to use during their descriptive writing lesson. The students will use descriptive words such as; size, shape, color, and personality traits to write sentences about their unique creatures.
about 2 months ago, Stephanie Gasseling
Third grade ended the semester with their forces unit in science. This also tested their measuring and problem-solving skills in math. This introductory unit gave students a new understanding of the invisible pushes and pull that operate in the world around them. They realized that understanding forces will let them do surprising things from building a sturdy bridge from paper to using the pull of a rubber band to send a cardboard “hopper” flying. What students learned in this unit will connect to the world around them, leading them to think about such things as the force of friction as they slide down a playground slide or the invisible force that makes magnets cling to the refrigerator. One of our extension projects was to build foosball tables out of shoeboxes to further their understanding.
about 2 months ago, Kristine Reed
Our high school Intro to Chemistry class finished up our last test of the quarter last week. So, for this final week of the quarter, they helped inventory all of the current equipment and supplies in our science lab. They then researched what other science labs around the country have and started to develop a list of new equipment and supplies that our lab will need to support our science curriculum.
about 2 months ago, Thomas Lang
Chem Class - Science Lab Inventory
Chem Class - Science Lab Equipment List
Fifth graders designed and created all of our ornaments using recycled art supplies and repurposed items from home!
2 months ago, Kevin Caudill
Preparations for our Solstice Celebration!
2nd grade at Cotopaxi has been working very hard learning how to write friendly letters, and they even wrote letters to Santa. We’ve also been working hard on learning money and time. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!
2 months ago, 2nd Grade
My middle school computer class is programming Spheros (a programmable, interactive sphere!). They have really enjoyed this project!
3 months ago, Mike Brown
The race is on!
The race is on!
Be a Hero: Vaccinate to protect others. Talk to your doctor about these vaccines.
3 months ago, School Nurse
Vaccines recommended for 11-12 year old children per health experts from CDC and Public Health.
Here is a photo of Coach C's Physical Fitness Class at Cotopaxi! The students are masked up and ready for some high intense aerobics! As you can see there is an aerobics video on the wall in the background, allowing the students to follow along with the professionals! This is an awesome class and they are always working hard!
3 months ago, Ryan Christensen
Aerobics time!
The Holidays can be very stressful. Given the COVID situation, things may be extra challenging this year. Try practicing a 'Mindful Minute'. Take one minute- concentrate and fill your mind with what is happening right now. What can you hear? What can you smell? What can you feel? What can you see? What can you taste? All your worries will melt away and you will feel calm and relaxed.
3 months ago, School Counselor
Mindful Snowman
In high school ceramics the kids created coil Christmas trees.
3 months ago, Cotopaxi Art Department
Ceramic class Christmas Trees
Look how excited Cotopaxi high school concert band is to rehearse music this afternoon! We have exciting music coming your way!
3 months ago, Taylor Ouzts
Cotopaxi High School Band
Walking Classroom happens every Wednesday for 4th graders!
3 months ago, Maryellen Munday
Walking Classroom
Cotopaxi Early Learning Center (Preschool) is working on identifying, recognizing and matching their numbers 0-5. The children have made their own cards with the number on it along with the corresponding number of pompoms. First they match the number then count the pompoms (touch math) and say the number. We utilize numbers everyday as we count the kids, count the number of days of the month, 1:1 correspondence, count down from 5 when we are to transition from an activity, etc. Numbers are an important part of our day.
3 months ago, Cotopaxi Early Learning Center
Counting in preschool
Counting the pompoms
4 pompoms
Number cards
During this last week, the sophomore English class read the short story "There Will Come Soft Rains" by Ray Bradbury. They collaborated to identify various elements of imagery and figurative language in the text. They then used these ideas to aid them in creating illustrations of the story's scenes. Overall, students did a great job working together and making sure their knowledge of the text was evident.
3 months ago, Tiffany Coleman - CHS English
Students' illustrations of "There Will Come Soft Rains."
Starting our basketball units in PE. 🏀 As winter boot season is upon us, PLEASE make sure students have tennis shoes for PE. I want them to be prepared to do their very best. 😁
3 months ago, Lou Collins
Elem basketball
Kindergarten is working hard on shapes and patterns today. They are doing great with Circles, Ovals, Squares, Rectangles, Triangles, Hexagons, Trapezoids and Rhombus' (Diamond).
3 months ago, Kindergarten Class
Kindergarten  shape and pattern station.
Check out the latest information on how to help reverse the trend of Covid-19 in Fremont County.
3 months ago, Debbie Eggleston
6 ways to help reverse the trend of Covid -19 from Fremont Public Health.
Congratulations Koylynn Gulliford! We are proud of you! ** Koylynn signed her letter of intent to play volleyball and basketball in North Dakota at Dakota College @ Bottineau. Friends and family joined her today as well as her coaches Tiffany Coleman and Troy Thornton.
3 months ago, Amber Canterbury
Senior signing letter of intent
Senior signing letter of intent
Senior signing letter of intent with coaches
Senior signing letter of intent with balls
HS Football won their last home game of 2020 with a score of 74-33!! It was also parent appreciation night.
3 months ago, Amber Canterbury
Football player running.
Parents and football players
Parents and football player
Parents and football player