Cotopaxi Early Learning Center students want to know - how do worms get into the bottom of our slide when it rains?
5 months ago, Cotopaxi Early Learning Center
After a recent rain/snow mix, the kids found this large group of worms in our slide.
Shift change, time for the next set of kids to bring more worms.
Some kids watch while others bring a handful of worms to the garden.
Ms. Cruz gathers the worms from the slide to take to our garden.
First-graders took advantage of our beautiful spring weather by stepping outside to read the story "The Lost Mitt" from their Superkids reading program. They enjoyed the warm weather until the wind sent them back inside. Taking our learning outside is a great way to get fresh air while continuing our daily adventures with our friends the Superkids!
5 months ago, Stephanie Gasseling
First-grader answering comprehension questions.
Students following along as the story is read!
First-grader enjoying the sunshine.
The spring band and guitar concert is less than a month away! A reminder to families that the original concert date of Thursday, May 19th has been rescheduled to Monday, May 16th at 6:30pm to accommodate high school track.
5 months ago, Taylor Ouzts
High School PE is taking advantage of the warm temperatures by exploring the incredible backyard that we have at Cotopaxi.
5 months ago, Lou Collins
Better late than never! The Cotopaxi Early Learning Center celebrated the 100th day of school in March! The preschool uses their math skills every day! We use math during calendar time, “kid counting”, counting how many days we have been in school, breakfast, lunch and snack time, activity time, during outdoor and clean up just to name a few. We make predictions, make graphs and work on patterns. Math is very important in all aspects of our day!
5 months ago, Cotopaxi Early Learning Center
From our daily count jar, we counted out 10 sets of 10 to equal 100.  We then compared it to our chart.
Woohoo!  We made a chain with 100 links!
The kids say hello to a special fan of ours!
The statistics class recently created a survey on preferences for the next school year. Some of the questions that were asked were about the length of the week, block scheduling, and classes that they would like to have offered. With 85% of the students responding, 91% prefer the four day week, Monday toThursday, 87% prefer a block schedule or a hybrid block schedule, and the top classes that they would like to have next year are weightlifting, home economics, and mechanics. They did a great job with this project!
5 months ago, Mike Brown
The 8th grade American History class has done an exceptional job on their new project, the Andrew Jackson Fight Card! A Fight Card is a poster advertising a boxing match between two opponents. The American History class featured Andrew Jackson versus an assigned opponent. They worked in pairs to create the Fight Card and present it to the rest of the class!
5 months ago, Ryan Christensen
Fight Card Posters
Fight Card Poster
Second grade is smiling and shining! Students have been developing models of the earth's surface and used it to discover an important principle about how rivers work. Students took turns using a spray bottle to make rain fall on their paper models of mountains to observe patterns of how water and rivers flow.
5 months ago, Kendra Smith
Check out our 5th Grade Historian Experts! We are learning about historical figures who had a critical contribution to the Revolutionary War. Our class researched people like Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Adams. Each group completed a poster board that included common facts, accomplishments, and how they impacted life as we know it. The best part was that each group also practiced public speaking by presenting to fellow students and guests in our school. I am so proud of all of their hard work. Excellent job, 5th Grade!
6 months ago, Ms. Toner 5th Grade
Sophie and Alicen researched the colonist Patrick Henry.
Riley and Garret researched Thomas Hutchison.
Andre and his partner researched Samuel Adams.
Kyla researched Benjamin Franklin.
Three Cotopaxi students received ribbons at the Fremont Center for the Arts Fremont County Student Show. Roxan Koch (12), Lilyan Mummert (8), and Adyah Tezak (6) all received honorable mention awards. The student show is made up of all Fremont County schools. Only 1st-3rd place and 3 honorable mention awards are handed out per division so these students' works were judged to be in the top six in the county. Congratulations to Roxan, Lilyan, and Adyah!
6 months ago, Cotopaxi Art Department
FCA Artwork. From top going clockwise: Roxan Koch, Lilyan Mummert, Adyah Tezak
A group of college-bound seniors recently visited Pueblo Community College Fremont Campus in Canon City. They were given a tour, received financial and informative schooling advice, and also met with advisors in order to plan their classes for next year. It was an eye-opening experience, but one that helped them make confident choices about their future endeavors. A big thank you to the staff at PCC for making us feel so welcome.
6 months ago, Tiffany Coleman - CHS English
Seniors Roxan Koch, Nathan Semer, Jacob Kaiser, and Annalise Walker recently visited PCC.
Julie Nutter, Dental Hygienist from Chaffee County Public Health came to visit the preschool. She provided the Cavity Free at Three program to most of the kids with an educational lesson to all of the children.
6 months ago, Cotopaxi Early Learning Center
Julie Nutter shows the kids all the coats that a tooth can wear and the importance of cleaning all of the coats by brushing.
Please note, due to high winds today the #3 bus will drive an alternate route this afternoon. As in the past, drop-off times will be altered. Please listen carefully to the following drop-off times: 4:09 PM - CR 1A 4:13 PM - Flying Eagle Trail 4:20 PM - HWY 69/1A 4:35 PM - The Y 4:37 PM - Shannon Road 4:44 PM - CR 27A 4:49 PM - L Path 4:54 PM - Elkhorn Rd 4:59 PM - 17th Trail 5:02 PM - 12th Trail 5:02 PM - Palmer Rd (The Palmer Rd stop will drop off at 12th Trail)
6 months ago, Cotopaxi Consolidated Schools
Seventh graders have finished reading their independent novels and have been working on developing a newspaper using their novel as the main theme. The criteria included a Title/ Banner ( name of newspaper, and date), a creative catchy headline for the main story, a story about their book, drawings, excellent grammar throughout their paper, ads, weather, and sports. This project was creative and a fun way to bring their novels alive.
6 months ago, Middle School Language Arts
8th graders have just began their study of music history this quarter. Students study music from different time periods as well as studying world events from these time periods as well. We began with the ancient greeks and have just begun our journey into the renaissance!
6 months ago, Taylor Ouzts
The 4th grade class has started a new unit with Contemporary Fiction in Language Arts. Each student will have the opportunity to write their own fiction story that they will be sharing with the class. I am looking forward to seeing their imaginations shine during this project with some interesting stories!!
6 months ago, Terri Eckelberry
First-grade authors have been hard at work planning a realistic- or fantasy- fiction story. We started by discussing different characters and settings and then discussed problems and solutions that the characters could have. In preparation, we created a story about a Pickle man who flew to the moon; this is an example of fantasy fiction, which can’t happen in real life. Each student will have created a book with illustrations of their story by the end of the week!
6 months ago, First Grade
Students in 6th Grade Social Studies presented their South American research projects. Students researched topics such as government, independence, population, and one notable historic figure for each of the twelve sovereign countries in South America.
6 months ago, Mr. Treat
Sixth grade students presented their South American research projects in Mr. Treat's social studies class.
Please note, due to high winds today the #3 bus will drive an alternate route this afternoon. As in the past, drop-off times will be altered. Please note the following drop-off times: 4:09 PM - CR 1A 4:13 PM - Flying Eagle Trail 4:20 PM - HWY 69/1A 4:35 PM - The Y 4:37 PM - Shannon Road 4:44 PM - CR 27A 4:49 PM - L Path 4:54 PM - Elkhorn Rd 4:59 PM - 17th Trail 5:02 PM - 12th Trail 5:02 PM - Palmer Rd (The Palmer Rd stop will drop off at 12th Trail)
6 months ago, Cotopaxi Consolidated Schools
First, Second, and Third-grade students work daily in our Pirate Cove groups. Pirate Cove is an intense reading intervention to help each student develop and build the necessary reading skills. Last week they ended their first six weeks in Pirate Cove with a bang. Thursday, they celebrated their growth with a party and pirate hats!
6 months ago, First Grade
Proud pirates!
Happy to be working!
First-grader showing off his new pirate hat.
Students hard at work decorating their hats!