COVID-19 Vaccines are now available for children 5-17. Please see this website for detailed information regarding the vaccines, frequently asked questions and availability in Colorado.
17 days ago, School Nurse
COVID-19 Vaccines
Security Incident Update 11/5/21: The Fremont County Sheriff's Department has all information and have taken appropriate action. We appreciate their involvement and they will continue to be a valuable member of our Emergency Response Plan.
22 days ago, Cotopaxi Consolidated Schools
Sixth grade social studies students navigated the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza during a virtual field trip using Google Earth. Students researched the physical geography and analyzed how ancient Latin American civilizations adapted to their environment, using techniques such as a terracing, aqueducts, and floating gardens called chinampas.
25 days ago, Lucas Treat
Students explore the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza.
First-graders have been working on personal narratives. This week they will be writing their first book on something they have done. Some of these topics include riding a horse, getting new pets, and going fishing. They will practice writing complete sentences and descriptive words, then drawing pictures that help the reader understand their writing. Once the students have finished, they will have the opportunity to share their book with the class and give each other feedback on how to improve their stories.
29 days ago, First Grade
This afternoon the school had it's first lockdown DRILL of the year. All staff and students did a great job following initial protocols and were given the opportunity to debrief. Feedback will be used to continue to improve our plans. If you get the chance, please talk to your student(s) about the drill today. If you have any questions please call the school.
30 days ago, Cotopaxi Consolidated Schools
Our 4th grade is full of mathematicians, they even have their favorite numbers! We are mid way through our algebra unit and students are having tons of fun! We decided to finish our lesson by creating posters. Each poster tells you a little about why the number is special to them, some quick facts about the number's factors and multiples. Plus, all of those numbers could give you a clue as to how to solve their multiplication or division story problems! Oh, and did I mention they are completing these even during virtual learning? How cool that we can keep up the learning from home!
about 1 month ago, Ms. Toner 5th Grade
Here is a very fitting example for Halloween!
Here is an example of what they are creating just to show you how much they know and love about numbers!
The 4th grade students spent a lot of time on their posters.
I love when students bring art into math class!
4th grade has just wrapped up our first language arts unit on personal narratives. The students and I have worked very hard to grasp the concept elements that are involved in reading and writing personal narratives. We are to begin Unit 2 which is all about informative text. We will focus on the Middle Ages for this unit and I believe the students will enjoy learning about knights during the Medieval Times. In this unit, students will gain a deeper understanding in report or informative writing.
about 1 month ago, Jaycie Jones- 4th Grade
Colorado Free Application Days - Oct. 19-21st * Applicants who submit their admission applications to Colorado's colleges and universities during this three day period can do so for free. And remember, while the application must be submitted during this three-day period to be eligible for the fee waiver, applicants can begin working on their admission applications now! Just save your work online and submit the admission applications from Oct. 19 - 21. Go to the URL below for more information!
about 1 month ago, Cotopaxi Consolidated Schools
The third grade has been learning about plant growth and selection in science this week. This Thursday they did an activity to rate the sweetness and color of three different types of apples. They did this in order to see and taste the way that selection happens in fruits and vegetables.
about 2 months ago, 3rd Grade Class
To kick of the fall season and Halloween first graders read the wonderful story "Pumpkin Jack" by Will Hubbell. This story is about the life cycle of a pumpkin. We then started our own "Pumpkin Jack" experiment, where we hope to watch our pumpkin decompose and eventually sprout a new pumpkin plant, we can plant in the school garden. This process will take months so, stay tuned for updates on the life cycle of Jack.
about 2 months ago, First Grade
Materials we used for our experiment.
First grade student adding soil to our pumpkin container.
Waiting in line fo"r their turns to add soil to our "green house."
Students checking our the "green house" and noticing that moisture was already gathering  near the bottom.
Our 5th grade classroom has become a science lab! As we study ecosystems and food chains, we are diving into how organisms depend on one another in an energy cycle by building mold terrariums! Currently we have three variables and a control to test what causes mold to grow and what can stop the growth of mold. We've enjoyed hypothesizing and observing our terrariums daily. Check them out!
about 2 months ago, Ms. Toner 5th Grade
Here our fifth graders are filling out an observation sheet for our mold experiments.
Students reflect with one another while they hypothesize with their groups.
We've learned that data is a big part of what drives scientists.
5th grade loves learning about science!
4th grade has completed their CO Relief Maps! The students worked very hard and put a lot of creativity into their team maps. Here are the final results of CO Relief Maps! They came out so good!
about 2 months ago, Jaycie Jones- 4th Grade
Team Rockies painting CO mountain ranges and rivers.
Team Elbert painting their final touches on the CO mountain ranges.
The final creations of 4th Grade Colorado Relief Maps!
Counseling will look a bit different this year at Cotopaxi. Last year Solvista Health joined our team and will be here again as a resource for our students. Coming soon, the Cotopaxi School District has obtained contracted services to fulfill the district's counseling needs. We are very excited about this opportunity for our students and families.
about 2 months ago, Cotopaxi Consolidated Schools
Hello, from AP US History! It has been an exciting start to the year! I am so proud of the students who have taken on this challenge! It has been a great start!
2 months ago, Ryan Christensen
4th grade is just starting our exploration into Colorado history. We are beginning our exploration with the physical features of our beautiful state. This week we are creating a relief map of Colorado's majestic mountain ranges. The students will create these maps using salt dough to replicate 3D models of the mountains. When the dough dries, we will paint our maps to represent the mountains, rivers and valleys of our great state.
2 months ago, Jaycie Jones- 4th Grade
Team  Elbert beginning Colorado relief Map
Team  Shavano creating their Colorado relief map
Team  Rockies beginning to create their Colorado relief map
First grade has been studying earth science. This includes the natural resources, why they are essential, and ways we can help to sustain them. We recently made bees from recycled items like paper scraps and toilet paper rolls to demonstrate how to help. We also used our hands to make the wings. The students enjoyed flying their bees all the way home to show their families.
2 months ago, First Grade
First graders gluing their bees together.
The first class working hard to put the recycled bees together.
A first grade student proudly showing off his recycled bee.
Cotopaxi middle and high school students will be participating in the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey during the first week in October. Parent letters are being sent home with your student this week. Please see a copy of this letter below. Feel free to contact Nurse Debbie with any questions.
2 months ago, School Nurse
Healthy Kids Colorado Survey Parent/Guardian Information Letter
In order to get ready for a busy year of reading, the third grade designed and laminated bookmarks. The students created their bookmarks during the first week of school and brought them to the library to be laminated.
2 months ago, 3rd Grade Class
The fifteen third graders created bookmarks for their busy year of reading.
The 5th-grade class has been refreshing our memories about the United States Government this week. First, as a class, we identified the branches of government and the levels of government. Next, we determined the roots of our government are our principles; fairness, equality, and justice. Finally, students have been journaling about what those principles mean to them as American Citizens. Students will continue to identify patterns of these principles as we explore the history of founding our nation this year.
2 months ago, Terra Toner
This is the 5th grade  Social Studies bulletin board. Students recorded the responsibilities of the Federal, State and Local levels of government.  We also identified the checks and balances of the three branches of government.
Hello from 2nd grade! Our brains are growing stronger by the day! We are learning about the -ch, -tch, 'th', and 'wh' sounds in words and are writing contractions! In Math, we are learning and practicing strategies to help us with using mental math for addition and subtraction. (So far, most of us like the 10-block method!) We were VERY excited to get new Chromebooks and now have enough for every student in our class!
2 months ago, 2nd Gr. Teacher- Mary Christensen